SAP Business One for Pharmaceutical Industry

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies to help the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry focus on patients and deliver new therapies is a constant challenge for organizations. Companies are constantly striving to achieve operational excellence and strengthen collaboration with suppliers and customers, as well as the need for collaborative R&D, demand driven supply networks and strategic sourcing and procurement and compliant manufacturing.

SAP Business One can be customized to use solution for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry to ensure you have the best technological platform with optimized methodology, based on best practices.

Relying on the latest SAP Cloud Platform, Ensivo Solutions can help you gain the right digital foundation to connect your industry’s value chain and standardize your central business processes.

Business Functions for Pharmaceutical Industry in SAP Business One

Integrated software system maintains workflow management on the production process to take place in a constant order.

Scheduling of production process made through our solution. Routine management allows stipulated users to give out medicines in a distinct approach.

Inventories of an organization are managed effectively with a clear estimation of requirements that are needed to carry out manufacturing.

Accounting entity of industry from payments amount spent on production, raw materials, to amount receivable business transactions are clearly maintained within the single system.

BMR and BPR records are tracked since it marks the quality of medicines.

Monitoring activities of employees help organizational people to analyze their performance on delivering quality products.

SAP process helps to operate supply chain processing expanding the standard of your concern.

Unified framework assists to focus on key areas of improvement by close interaction with customers.

Benefits of SAP Pharmaceutical Solution

SAP Software system adopted by industrial users is given the privilege to change options as per their requirements.

Expenses spent on process production get noted with our package. Info required will be obtained via a single click option allowing to figure out financial statements within a moment.

Inventory management system transfer products to customer locations easily with which demands evaluation appear to be a simple task.

The automated system acknowledges vendors to store a whole functional database into a centralized system leading to being aware of the information.

Price of products is audited with accurate calculation, so that industrial users can quote price exactly without any flaws according to demands in the market.

Notifications/alerts sent when raw materials and inventories reach expiry date since pharma products are very much concerned with lifetime.

Ordering till delivery of products is monitored in order to distribute products to the right consumer at the right timing.