A Flexible POS Solution for Retail, Entertainment, Food and Beverage Businesses

Address the need for Complex Retail Environment

Today’s retail, sports and entertainment, and food and beverage settings are increasingly complex. To compete in evolving markets, you need point-of-sale (POS) solutions that offer flexibility, scalability, and rich management insights. The SAP® Customer Checkout application helps you run efficient POS operations, while supporting the changing needs of your growing business.

The Analytical portal provides a gateway to reports like Crystal Reports or Microsoft Excel that can be published to share with other users. To access the portal, you can use web browser (Google Chrome) by simply entering the server address followed by the port number.

POS technology is no longer used simply to make straightforward payments. Customers now expect to be able to collect loyalty points, obtain discounts, and create personalized accounts – quickly and efficiently. At the same time, retail environments are increasingly complex, combining entertainment with merchandising and food and drink offerings as they compete to provide exceptional customer experiences.

SAP Customer Checkout helps you adapt to the demands of the fast-moving retail, entertainment, and food and beverage sectors by taking advantage of new business opportunities in an agile manner. You can scale, integrate, and extend your POS solution rapidly to meet the needs of a growing business, while centrally managing multiple POS systems to get a consolidated view of receipts, vouchers, and users. The application also provides sophisticated tools to help you manage employees effectively and maintain personalized customer communications in compliance with data privacy regulations.

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See Analytical Portal in Action

One of the principal elements in a company is to have access to reports at anytime, anywhere. The Analytics Portal gives an organisation the ability to access relevant reports from different devices.

Support Multiple Retail scenarios using a single solution

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Traditionally, businesses with different types of retail operations have used different POS software for each scenario. For example, a grocery shop, a fast-food  kiosk, and a fine-dining restaurant would each use a different POS solution to meet the particular needs of the setting.

However, an increasing number of retail establishments and entertainment complexes run all three types of retail operation as part of their overall offering. This can result in complexity and a lack of flexibility when it comes to setting up and maintaining POS systems.

AP Customer Checkout simplifies POS operations by supporting all three scenarios in a single hardware agnostic solution. At the touch of a button, you can switch between user interfaces that are optimized for retail, quick service, and table service. As a result, you simplify your IT landscape and cut costs.

Benefit from point-of-sale functionality that is tailored to your needs in retail, quick service and table service

Fulfill the needs of your growing business

Like many retail, entertainment, and food and beverage companies, you may aim to expand your operations by opening new outlets over time. However, many POS solutions don’t grow with you, forcing you to implement new software when you reach a certain size. This results in significant expense and, perhaps just as importantly, can cause major disruption to your day-to-day operations.

SAP Customer Checkout can run as a stand-alone solution, with the SAP Customer Checkout manager tool providing back-end management and analysis capabilities. However, it is also straightforward to integrate SAP Customer Checkout with ERP systems such as the SAP ERP application, and the SAP Business One® solutions. This means you can manage POS systems centrally, connecting multiple outlets, and aggregating and analyzing data to see revenue and stock counts in real time to improve visibility across all your operations. Furthermore, you can also extend POS functionality to meet changing business needs by adding supplementary plug-ins.

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Scale, Integrate and extend your POS Capabilities

Stay productive with rich POS functionality

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SAP Customer Checkout offers a wide range of advanced, intuitive functionality to help ensure your employees can work productively and provide your customers with a smooth purchasing experience. As well as standard checkout features such as processing payment by cash or cards, managing returns, and day-end closing, the solution enables you to apply discounts and manage vouchers.

Table service functionality helps staff in bars, cafés and restaurants track orders effectively, supporting swift, efficient service. Meanwhile, loyalty management capabilities enable customers to collect and redeem loyalty points during the sales process.

SAP Customer Checkout is available in 13 languages. Furthermore, you can use the solution both online or offline, enabling employees to process and record sales even when your Internet connection is interrupted.

Businesses around the world use SAP Customer Checkout to streamline their POS operations

Gain in-depth insights for effective store and venue management

Providing an overview of all your POS operations, SAP Customer Checkout manager helps you quickly access the information you need to run your store or venue effectively. Using the tool, retail and food and beverage managers can generate detailed sales reports across the setting and get real-time updates on revenue and stock status.

You can monitor time spent on the tills using time recording functionality that stores information about when employees start and finish their shifts. You can also run in-depth reports to help you monitor productivity KPIs such as daily takings for each employee. In addition, you can define how much information different cashiers can access through the POS solution, according to their level of seniority.

Loyalty management features allow you to analyze your customer base and identify your most valuable customers, enabling you to reward their loyalty with special offers and discounts. In addition, robust data privacy settings help you comply with legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Help retail and food and beverage managers do their jobs better with greater visibility of POS data

Key Benefits

Run More Productively and efficiently

Catering for multiple retail and entertainment settings in a single solution

SAP Customer Checkout provides you with the flexibility to meet changing POS requirements while keeping down IT costs

Rich and intuitive checkout functionality keep staff productive and helps ensure a superior customer experience the ability to get detailed reports quickly and easily on revenue, stock, and employee performance supports decision-making and the smooth running of your retail, entertainment, or food and beverage environment.

Customer loyalty tools help you administer incentive schemes such as loyalty clubs effectively, you can engage more closely with your best customers, encouraging repeat business and brand advocacy