Quality Management Add-On

Quality Management is an integral part of any manufacturing operations set-up. Usually, quality control related inspections are carried out during incoming receipts, in-process activities, in house production and pre-dispatch. In addition to this, process industries also need to keep a track of process parameters at different stages.

Our Quality Management add-on implements an integrated solution to map quality processes in manufacturing industries. This solution has been developed to cater to different scenarios of quality assurance process. This extensive add-on to SAP Business One facilitates organizations to track their Quality Checks on the basis of business specific parameters and actionable information. Placing great emphasis on quality assurance, our Quality Management add-on addresses multiple issues pertaining to quality checks, quantitative & qualitative parameters for individual items, and multiple sample size, quality control for batches and serial number.

Key features Of Quality Control


  • Identification of RM / SF / FG items that require rigorous quality check.
  • Provision to define Quality Warehouse for different stages/process.
  • Can manage Approved, Partial Approved, Rejected, Re-workable quantity
  • Can Perform multiple sample size, quality control for batches and serial number.
  • Can generate individual Quality Control stage report as well as consolidate report.
  • Master Data Creation / Updation and User authorisation process step.
  • Quality check for incoming, outgoing and in-process material.
  • Process Parameters, Defect Master, and Result analysis.


Ability to carry out Quality Management activities during

  1. Incoming material receipt
  2. In house production
  3. In process
  4. Pre-dispatch

Quality Control Master Data

  1. Process Parameters
  2. Inspection plan
  3. Work Center
  4. Defects Master

Quality Inspection

  1. Sample Management
  2. Results recording
  3. Inspection by Batch Numbers
  4. Inspection by Serial Numbers
  5. Recording Sample Loss
  6. Usage Decision for Approval, Partial Approval or Rejection

Inventory Transfer & Quality Certificate Generation

  1. Transfer inventory to warehouse directly based on quality inspection.
  2. Selection of Batch Numbers & Serial Numbers on Inventory Transfer
  3. Generate Quality Inspection Report
  4. Print Labels for each batch