SAP Business One for Retail

At Ensivo Solutions, we strongly believe that Customers usually choose shops based on two simple criteria – price and quality. Whoever offers the best prices and provides the best service in the battle for a customer, wins. Reducing prices only by pressure on suppliers or reducing margins is becoming more complex and high-quality services generate additional costs.

The only possible way is to increase the efficiency of company operations at all levels: from the central planning and management of supplier relationships through inventory to the daily activities of individual stores. Exactly this is the ideal target environment for the SAP Business One for Retail solution for support of retail, wholesale and logistics processes.

SAP for Retail uses robust and reliable SAP Business One platform for control and management of all business processes, which is enhanced by the functionality of a typical retail and transport market developed based on our years of experience in the retail area.

SAP for Retail enables you to react very quickly to any changes in the market or at a specific store, forecasting business results, increasing logistics efficiency, convenient implementation of price marketing events and thereby increasing the competitiveness of your company.

Business Functions for Retail in SAP Business One

Inventory Management

Business Partner Management

Cash Opportunity

Finance & Accounting Management

Fixed Asset Management



Marketing Management

Benefits of SAP Retail Solution

A significant increase in the management and operation efficiency of your company

Significant improvement in the management of customer/supplier relationships

Optimization of the cost of packaging, shipping, and transportation

Reducing the cost of receiving and processing orders

Full integration of SAP Checkout POS Solution for managing point of sales

Full integration of data processing from production, logistics, purchasing and shipping (weighing and dosing systems, grading equipment, RFID and barcode readers etc.)

Planning and forecasts for production and retail