SAP Business One Sales Mobile App

SAP Business One Sales lets you handle your sales activities anywhere, anytime and via any mobile device.

Sales employees can access to the most relevant business information and processes to help them manage customers and sales opportunities, fast and effectively.


  • Tailored for sales roles, holistic CRM management drives sales productivity
  • Insight to customers, deals, predictability in sales operations


  • User-friendly and simple to use


  • Access data in real time
  • Respond directly and trigger processes
  • All changes automatically update the SAP Business One backend

SAP Business One Sales Mobile App Features

With SAP Business One on Cloud, your business can expect

Getting Started


Home Page

  • Central access to all sales-relevant modules
  • Shows number of open items
  • Access to SAP Business One calendar and activities

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Screen shows user-specific dashboards

  • Potential amounts of open opportunities
  • Sales Order amount of the current month
  • Top 5 customers
  • Top 5 best-selling items

Managing Activities



  • View activities assigned to you in a calendar format
  • Edit and close existing activities or create new activities
  • Create follow-up activities
  • Create sales opportunities, quotations, or orders based on activities
  • Assign activities to a group recipient list
  • Upload attachments to activities

Location based Check-in


Powerful and convenient scenario to check-in location of sales activities

  • Reports the location of an activity for every stage of the sales process
  • Check-in data can be used for effective monitoring of activities by sales managers using a dedicated activity report within the SAP Business One client
  • Multiple users assigned to the same activity can check in.
  • Embedded in iOS/Google geographic services

Managing Customer Data



  • Create new customers or leads, view Business Partner details, including related activities, sales documents (sales quotations, sales orders, sales opportunities), special prices and account information
  • Modify contact details, log new activities, initiate a phone call, email, or text messages directly
  • Define a net, gross or mix price mode when adding, editing or viewing a business partner
  • Locate your contact on a map and plan a route
  • Download/upload attachments to business partners
  • Support of Business Partner data ownership function

Viewing items in stock



  • View information about items in inventory, including unit price or in-stock quantity
  • View the quantity of an item by warehouse location
  • Select a net or gross price list for each item
  • Search for items in inventory
  • Check item in assigned price lists

Managing Sales Document


Features – Orders and Quotations

  • Search, create and cancel sales quotations, and sales orders
  • Update existing sales quotations and sales orders and manage activities related to these documents
  • Users can update approved documents and draft documents with Pending or Approved status
  • Sort documents by document number, BP name, document total or delivery date
  • Copy sales quotations to sales orders
  • View, add, edit and close activities related to sales quotations and sales
  • Data ownership for documents

Managing Sales Opportunities



  • Create, view, and search for sales opportunities
  • View, edit, and create stages for sales opportunities
  • Display all the sales opportunities in pipeline mode

Managing Attachments



  • View, download, and upload attachments from and to business partners, items, activities, sales opportunities, sales documents, and service calls
  • Files of image types are displayed directly. For other file types, a system message asking which program to use for opening the file appears
  • Upload attachments of image file types only, by either browsing to the required image file, or by taking a picture using your mobile device

Crystal Reports



  • New Crystal Report menu option for SAP Business One Sales.
  • Easily view your SAP Business One crystal reports to make informed decisions on the run
  • Download and/or share your crystal reports easily with others.

Data Synchronization for Offline mode



  • Business Partner & Items details can be downloaded in batches and viewed in offline mode
  • Large numbers of business partner data and items are able to be synchronized to your local mobile device easily.

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