SAP Business One Service Mobile App

Provide on-site services for customers by easily and efficiently reviewing and resolving assigned service tickets

SAP Business One Service enables you to perform the following over Wi-Fi
or cellular networks:


  • View and filter your service tickets and synchronize them to your calendar.
  • Resolve your service tickets:
    • Edit, close, share and print service tickets.
    • Scan barcodes or QR codes to identify items as needed and update information.
    • User favorite options to check in and check out, call customers, take photos and view service
    • Take quick actions to manage sales orders that are links to a service call.
  • View your Key Performance indicators.

SAP Business One Service Mobile App Features

With SAP Business One on Cloud, your business can expect

Technical Information


Requirment for iOS

  • SAP Business One 9.3 PL04, version for SAP HANA, or higher
  • Apple iPhone 5 or newer, iOS 8.0 or higher
  • Download from Apple App Store
  • Filter your service tickets.
  • Supports: Service Layer, SAP Business One Analytics, and App Framework
  • License: Professional, Limited CRM and Mobile Service users (new)
  • Security: Basic access authentication at logon, license-based function-level and user-based data-level authorization (data ownership), valid SSL certificates enforced, Apple Face/Touch ID
  • Languages: All 27 languages of SAP Business One
  • Setup Prerequisites: Ensure Enable Multiple Scheduling for Service Calls is activated in SAP Business One system. Refer to the How to Guide for important prerequisite details.
  • Connection Flow:




Requirment for Android

  • SAP Business One 9.3 PL80, version for SAP HANA, orhigher
  • Android 5.1 and newer
  • Download from Google Play Store

Requirment for SAP Business One Cloud

  • SAP Business One Cloud 1.1 PL09 or higher
  • SAP Business One 9.3 PL04, version for SAP HANA, or higher
  • Install the Mobile Service component in the Cloud Control Centre

Getting Started


Home Page

  • Overview of your service tickets
  • Call your customers
  • View customer locations on a map.
  • Filter your service tickets.
  • Check and synchronize your service tickets in your
    monthly calendar.
  • Configure your personal settings

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Screen shows:

  • Monthly close tickets.
  • Yearly in-service rate
  • Top 5 fix item
  • Top 5 visited customers
  • Customize the KPI dashboard

Configuring Settings



  • Display your company name and user code
  • Offline settings enables you to download service ticket data and
    manage service tickets edited offline
  • Display or hide user-defined fields (UDFs).
  • Touch ID/Face ID configuration available depending on your mobile
  • Access online help.
  • Log out activities.

Ticket Details


Efficiently manage and resolve your service tickets online

  • View, edit, close, share and print your service tickets easily.
  • The information banner on the top of the page shows the validity of the service
    contract for the item in the service ticket.
  • Quickly review service contract details.
  • Check address location on map.
  • Access favorite options:
    • Check in
    • Phone call
    • Take Photo
    • Service History
ticket details

Identifying Items


Easily identify an item by its Serial Number or Manufacturer Serial Number or the Item Code.

  • Scan bar code or QR code to identify items for Serial Number or
    Manufacturer Serial Numbers and add/update the information.
  • Option to turn on a flashlight when scanning.
  • Set pricing mode for items as Gross, Net or Mix Mode.

Favorite Options


Use favorite options to easily access important information relating to your services ticket.

  • Check In (Out) enables you to optionally check in and out in an open
    service ticket.
  • Phone Call allows you to easily call your customer with a valid phone
  • Take Photo enables you to capture important details or images for an
    open service ticket.
  • Service History allows you to view a list of all other service call records
    that contain the item in the current service ticket.

Quick Actions


Take quick actions to efficiently manage the service call process.

  • Manage sales orders that are linked to a service call
  • Add a resolution for a service ticket
  • View the service contract for an item
  • View attachments of and add photos to a service call

Managing Sales Orders


Easily view,edit,create,duplicate and cancel sales orders that are linked to a services call that belongs to your service ticket.

  • Quickly view sales orders in the service call relating to the
    service ticket
  • Open tab displays the list of open sales orders and the
    document number.
  • All tab displays a list of all the sales orders that are linked to
    the service call relating to the service ticket.
  • Approval Status tab enables you to check the approval
    progress of edited sales orders which are pending approval by
    the manager
  • Add approved sales orders to the relevant service calls.
  • Flexibility to update sales orders during and after approval
  • Easily tap into the sales order for more information such as
    items, financial and logistics information and payment details.

Managing Attachments


Attachments can include critical details of a service call relating to your service ticket.

  • View a list of all attachments that are linked to the service call
    which your current ticket belongs.
  • Easily download and view an attachment.
  • Add photos for an open service ticket.

Ticket Summary


The ticket summary allows you to review and capture a report for your service ticket.

  • View and confirm the service ticket details
  • Easily capture a customer signature by signing
    on your phone screen and confirming the
  • Create a PDF to generate a formal report for the
    service ticket.
  • Select a portable Bluetooth thermal printer to
    easily print the ticket summary.

Working Offline


No internet access? Simply download the latest service ticket data to your mobile device in advance.

  • Resolve downloaded service tickets offline
  • Upload the edited service tickets when you are online again.
  • Note that when you are offline, you will not be able to perform any action
    that requires internet connection.

Manage personal data to conform with data privacy legislation.

  • Customer personal data can be cleared manually and is cleared
    automatically by SAP Business One Service in specific scenarios.
  • Easily clear customer personal data contained in the changes that you
    make offline for a service ticket.
  • Clear customer personal data contained in the downloaded or cached


  • Streamlined job management for mobile technicians
  • Using service layer and Fiori-style design
  • SAP HANA analytics elements
  • Easy setup, user-oriented, high usability
  • New, affordable license option
  • Comprehensive security

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