SAP Implementation for Small and Midsize Enterprises

A growing business needs the right technology platform to help manage that growth and to lay a foundation for further success. In particular, growing small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) need software to help streamline operations, control costs, and gain visibility throughout the organization. A SAP implementation for SMEs is the ideal solution. As the industry standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, a SAP implementation connects your personnel, processes, and your data in one efficient system. And because a SAP implementation is based on open standards, it will easily scale as your business grows and as you add more functionality. SAP solutions specifically for SMEs – which constitute more than half of all SAP deployments – are powerful, scalable enterprise applications that can be quickly implemented at an affordable price. For a growing small or midsize enterprise, a SAP implementation can be a centrepiece of your IT strategy, without burdening you with excessive IT costs.

Ensivo Solutions uses the Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP)  to study and understand the client requirements and configure an explicit solution serving all the requirements. AIP methodology divides an implementation into five phases. These phases cover  the period starting with the handover from sales team to right before the handover to the support team.

  • 1

    Project Preparation

  • 2

    Business Blueprint

  • 3

    Project Realization

  • 4

    Final Preparation

  • 5

    Go Live & Support

Phase 1: Project Preparation

Deliver and install SAP Business One Software and demo database at the customer site

Conduct an official Kick-off meeting with customer team along with Project manager, functional consultant, Technical Consultant etc..

Create a project plan for the implementation

Conduct a project handover with the sales team with a clear understanding of the Project and SOW

Project Phase review & sign-off with the customer

Handover from Sales

Project Plan

Kick-off Meeting

Delivery and installation of SAP Business One

Phase Sign-off

Module wise Requirement gathering with module owner

Preparation of Business Blueprint document

Business Blueprint Review with customer

Add Missing points after discussion

Project Phase Review & Sign-off

Phase 2: Business Blueprint

Requirement gathering workshop conducted with the customer

Preparation of Business Blueprint document, do the review of the same with customer

Capture the additional or missing points in the Business Blueprint document

Revised Business Blueprint defined and accepted by the customer

Changes to project scope and timelines agree with the customer Project phase review & sign-off with the customer

Phase 3: Project Realization

Production system installed and configures based on Business Blueprint

System Setup validated by customer

Conducting System and integration testing

Preparing a plan for End-user training and cutover data migration

Project phase review & sign-off with the customer

Configuration of Company database as per Business Blueprint

Import of Master data

Validation and Testing

Plans for End-user training and Cutover data

Training of End Users

Decision and date for Go-Live agreed with the customer

Accounting Balance and final transactions transferred to the production system (Cutover)

Phase 4: Final Preparation

Conducting SAP Business One Product Overview and End User training

System readiness for Go-Live confirmed with the customer

Migration of cutover data into the production database

Project Phase Review & Sign-off with the customer

Phase 5: Go-Live and Support

SAP Business One system is fully implemented and tested, moved into the production environment

Providing hand hold assistance to the customer during the go-live phase

Resolving issues after going live

Project handover to the customer

Project review and closure meeting

Project phase sign-off with the customer

Monitoring of new system in production

Resolution of outstanding issues

Handover to customer

Support from Ensivo Solutions for post go-live issues

Project Phase Sign-off

Continuous Improvements