SAP Lumira - Transformational Analytics for Digital Transformation


Combine and Visualize Data From Multiple Sources to See the Big Picture and Granular Insights in a Single View

SAP Lumira enables customers to create beautiful, informative visualizations that combine data from multiple sources into a single view. It delivers faster time-to-insight with agile, intuitive data visualizations and shows customers the “where” of their data using interactive maps and geolocations.

Few Advantages of SAP Lumira includes

  • On-premise and cloud deployment
  • Single, simple design canvas that fosters collaboration between the business and IT and speeds adoption
  • Inclusive self-service analytics across every line of business
  • Real-time performance and insight with an optimised solution


SAP Lumira is designed to meet the self-service data visualization and real-time analysis needs of business users while enabling technical power users to create more sophisticated analytic applications. As a result, it lets everyone execute with greater agility and with a greater focus on core business transformation goals

SAP Lumira® software combines self-service data discovery and interactive dashboard and analytic application creation in one solution. Business users can rapidly prototype and promote insights into IT for enrichment. With optimized connectivity to the SAP HANA® database, SAP® Business Warehouse application, and Universe-based data sources for the SAP BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence suite, it delivers breakthrough performance and insight. It runs natively on the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform for proven scalability, performance, and data governance

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One of the principal elements in a company is to have access to reports at anytime, anywhere. The Analytics Portal gives an organisation the ability to access relevant reports from different devices.

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Key Benefits


Bring business and IT teams together

Deliver faster insights easier, with a simple interface for self-service data visualisation, data connectivity, and advanced development tools.

Explore beyond BI visualisation, in the cloud

Integrate on-premise data discovery, dashboards, and analytic applications with business user access to all analytics across the organisation using SAP Analytics Hub.

Bring business and IT teams together

Deliver faster insights easier, with a simple interface for self-service data visualisation, data connectivity, and advanced development tools.


Key Capabilities

Key facts on SAP Lumira

Tell the story with self-service data visualisation

Explore and analyse data online with a simple-to-use solution. Create stories with BI visualisations from all types of data that others can leverage, build on, and share

Create analytics applications and dashboards

Develop interactive, mobile-ready dashboards and analytics applications to collaborate with users and their data stories and provide fingertip access to actionable insight

Secure trusted access and scalability

Connect to data anytime, anywhere for deeper insights and informed decision-making on the go. Explore data with filters, drill-down capabilities, and hierarchal navigation

SAP Lumira is a key part of our enabler for digital transformation

Lumira 2.0 is primarily about people.

It’s about bringing business users and IT departments together so both their needs are met and they can focus on the bigger transformation issues

It’s also about simplicity. We are making it much easier for users to get started with data discovery, so users can progress quickly through the learning curve and start creating value

Finally, we’ve focused on ensuring optimized access to governed, secure data so that everyone can have confidence the numbers are right and that time isn’t wasted on managing data silos and shadow IT tasks